Concannon Renovation/Alive: John Lautner's Concannon Residence at the MAK Games 2019

Digital slideshow selected and prepared by the Southland Institute
Photography (1995) and text (2012) by Andrea Kreuzhage
Slideshow animation: Jacob Rimler

Two publicly-accessible, digitized photography albums detailing renovation efforts and subsequent domestic interiors by Andrea Kreuzhage, the last occupant of the John Lautner-designed Concannon Residence, demolished 2002, displayed as a looping slideshow on the jumbotron within Club James, the annex of the Lautner-designed Sheats Goldstein Residence, during the MAK Games 2019, screen bisecting the precise site where the Concannon Residence previously stood. (More extensive description forthcoming)

Screencapture of drone shot showing tennis court used for the MAK Games with tennis net directly above the jumbotron screen on level below
Example of typical utilization of jumbotron screen in Club James
Photo documentation: Jacob Rimler
Photo documentation unless otherwise noted: Adam Feldmeth