At Contemporary Art Daily: Case Study

An independently-initiated, ongoing case study attending to encounters of physically installed exhibitions of art through their corresponding visual documentation presented on the website, Contemporary Art Daily. Individuals employed as exhibition photographers in different cities are invited to participate in the study with new examples. Involvement consists in the submission of a potential venue where a standing relationship exists through means of employment for the photographer and, by extension, a distinctive familiarity with its architectural setting. All venues represented in the study share the criteria of previously appearing on Contemporary Art Daily. Documentation occurs between the deinstallation of one exhibition and the subsequent installation of another in moments when rooms are commonly closed to entry, and through this, opened to view.

Accompanying Text

REDCAT at Contemporary Art Daily (Case 1)

REDCAT at Contemporary Art Daily. Photography: Brica Wilcox

Bradley Ertaskiran [Bunker] at Contemporary Art Daily (Case 2)

Bradley Ertaskiran [Bunker] at Contemporary Art Daily. Photography: Nicolas Grenier